The Original Asus Eee PC 700/701 Netbook

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asus eee pc 700 701 netbook

Being the first netbook on the market, the Asus Eee may not be the greatest netbook currently available, but it is still a great entry-level PC for basic word processing and cost viagra online web browsing. The unit is both small and will power up very quickly, so you can be ready to start working in no time at all, no matter where you go.

Being a bit old, you’ll need to upgrade some of the software before you can nuse the WPA Wi-Fi (which means you’ll likely need a physical internet connection), and the operating system can make it difficult to install new software until you become familiar with the Linux system (which takes some getting used to if you’ve become used to using Windows.)

Fortunately, if you feel like taking the time, the recovery discs include the drivers for windows and full instructions for installing Windows XP on the unit, complete with easy-to-follow user manual, however you will need an external CD/DVD-ROM (or some creative use of a USB stick/SD card.) Optimally, the batteries will last for about 3.5 hours, though this will decrease greatly depending on your screen brightness and whether you have your wireless connection turned on.

The unit has a built-in SD card slow and three available USB slots, allowing you to connect with external CD drives, hard drives, USB sticks or other peripherals. There is also a VGA socket, which allows you to hook up to a larger computer monitor or compatible (VGA) LCD TV. With a simple unit like this one, you can surf the web, use instant messaging, watch movies (will need VLC for DIVX files), listening to music or keeping up with friends using the built-in webcam. We recommend installing Windows XP to really get the most out of this system.

ASUS Eee PC 701 -- Video Review

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