Improvements on predecessors: The ASUS EEE S101H

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asus eee s101h

Following on the heels of the successful ASUS EEE S101, the folks at ASUS have revealed their latest creation, the EEE S101H, which shares much in common with its predecessor, but with some interesting improvements.

At just 2.5cm thick and buy canada viagra weighing in at 1.1kg, this is an easily portable device, and can feel much smaller than the EEE 1000H even if they both have the same 10.2-inch display, with 1024×600 resolution, capable of providing you with bright and vibrant colors for your viewing pleasure. The screen is not glossy like many of the Acer Aspire Ones, thereby reducing any glare from surrounding lights and the sun. The EEE S101H has an N270 Atom processor under the hood, as is standard with many netbooks these days. The 160GB HDD and 1GB of RAM help to round out this notebook, and both of these can be upgraded.

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  • Devorah Tawwab

    I checked out a little something related to your “Improvements on predecessors: The ASUS EEE S101H | Netbook Review” post at another site I frequent… anyway, I feel apple is normally overrated but has a lot of fantastic products also.

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